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Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., 1 hour call back and 4 hours on-site, priority call-in and scheduling, after hour duty technician access will dispatch if required same day, includes:

  • Software Assurance includes software operating system upgrades provided by Manufacturer at no charge (as provided by manufacturer)
    • Software Assurance (SWA) coverage provides you with software Update Releases (which may include bug fixes, patches and/or minor feature enhancements) and software Upgrade Releases (which includes major feature enhancements, and may contain bug fixes and patches) for the applicable product or products during the term without additional upgrade fees or charges for that software. Software Assurance does not include the labor and services to implement software Upgrade Releases for the covered product or products, nor does it cover the costs for any additional hardware or hardware upgrade should it be required for the software installation.
    • Software Assurance (SWA) coverage on Intertel Legacy products will be restored to the systems current software level. This includes the Axxess platform.)
    • Software upgrades to latest version of software your system will support
    • (SAP on Intertel Legacy products will be restored to current software level on Axxess and Axxent platform.)
  • Minimum of annual software backup of system programming.
  • Remote dial in per quarter: three (3) thirty minute sessions per quarter, during regular business hours
  • Script Changes to Automated Attendant greeting administration: Holiday & severe weather greeting calendar updates and script recordings.  (Route Changes are considered Remote Dial In Service Calls)
  • Access to customer portal for service, scheduling and accounting functions (if available)
  • Priority scheduling for Adds, Moves and Changes
  • Priority queue to the "WholeNet Solutions Group" Help Desk Support during regular business hours, after hours available via answering service and cell
  • Guaranteed reduced rates for Adds, Moves and Changes (10% off remote rate, reduced first hour and additional hour labor rates)
  • End User Training, Up to Six (6) hours per year
  • Comprehensive “Contract Watchdog Timer” for all contracts with reminders, 6 months-90 days and 30 days prior to contract renewal.  Eliminating costly carrier auto renewal contracts.
  • Consultative services including; network/telecommunication business impact and problem solution, long distance, Internet and communications guidance.
  • Maintain Desi Software Label system to ensure proper labeling of all phones
  • Annual Inspection – Preventative Maintenance/Backups: CTS Service Tech performs entire system check-off – Processor, System Back-up, Power Supplies, check and verify error logs, check & test battery back-up system, free replacement of damaged line and coil cords, voice mail, modem test, etc.
  • Remote Polling / Diagnostics:  If your PBX is configured for remote polling, CTS will access your system on an as needed basis, and both hardware and software are checked to ensure all components are operating to their optimum efficiencies.  If needed, a CTS Technician will be dispatched for an on-site resolution.
  • Quarterly technology Webinar on advanced and emerging business applications
  • Disaster Recovery Software & Hardware: CTS will assist our customers in the preparation of a Disaster Recovery Plan that meets their business requirements.
  • Single Point of Contact for your complete communications systems including CTS ordered Telco & Carrier Support: CTS will become your personal liaison to coordinate network changes or repairs on CTS covered telecommunications equipment and lines
  • Free access to our Audio/Web Conferencing bridge including document share (up to 5 users), based upon availability.  Special access available upon request.

    CTS Whole Net Guarantee:

  • If you request Emergency Service (Major) due to a system outage, we guarantee to respond to you within 4 hours or less. If we fail to respond within our Whole Net Service Response Goals, CTS will apply a $100.00 purchase credit to your account
  • CTS will discount any MAC invoice 10% if we do not complete it in the agreed upon time frame


(These parts are covered by the specific manufacturer’s warranty)

  • Batteries (Battery Back-up), UPS Units
  • Cordless phones
  • Headsets
  • Computers
  • UPS
  • Software (Call Accounting, ACD, Recording and other software programs)
  • Custom applications (Example: phone modifications)
  • Acts of God, exposure to elements of weather, water damage, electrical power surges, lightning.  (These are normally covered under business insurance policy).

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