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IP Flex

A converged voice and data solution that utilizes your existing phone system or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and is connected to a Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Digital Trunks, or to Analog Lines to take advantage of VoIP-enabled capabilities and features. A choice of port speeds and calling plans to meet a range of voice and data requirements.

IP Flex with VPN

Private networks with voice, data, and Internet access across multiple sites

SIP Service

A converged voice over IP solution that allows you to capitalize on your investment in data and voice communications and get the most from your IP-PBX today. Powerful VoIP features and the latest IP telephony applications to maximize your phone system’s performance, boost productivity and improve your bottom line. A choice of port speeds, calling plans, and VoIP features to fit your business requirements.

Enterprise SIP

Multi-location enterprises want better ways to manage voice and data communications across their distributed networks. XO® Enterprise SIP helps businesses be more efficient by eliminating the costs of buying and maintaining PBXs and local voice trunks at every branch location. The innovative solution also centralizes VoIP management with shared, burstable voice capacity; and provides business continuity options.

Enterprise Cloud Communications

A highly scalable, hosted VoIP solution that uses the cloud to help businesses dramatically reduce costs, deploy enhanced IP telephony features, and simplify the management of communications across your enterprise. The solution integrates a range of IP telephony features, local and long distance calling, enterprise wide HD voice and video, network services, IP phone sets, live voice quality monitoring, service guarantee, and redundancy. A Communications-as-a-Service, per-user pricing model means there are no capital expenditures, making it easier for you to deliver and manage voice, video and communications across the enterprise.


Fully managed, customized, scalable VoIP solution for small and mid-sized businesses

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