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Microcall includes hundreds of standard reports for you to choose from and a report generator for you to create an unlimited number of reports. Microcall reports will help to:

• Identify your “Most Expensive” calls (and who is responsible for them).
• Identify your Longest Calls for potential Toll Fraud or Employee Misuse.
• Determine if your long distance calls are being routed properly over your least expensive trunks.
• Pinpoint Unused Trunks (and Extensions) and eliminate unnecessary monthly charges.
• Find out how busy your trunks / circuits are for each hour of the day.
• Measure success of advertising campaigns to know which Ad’s are most effective.
• Keep track of equipment inventory and bill for equipment costs.
• Determine if your 800 lines or VoIP Gateway are busy.
• List number of “cold calls” made by your sales reps to determine overall effectiveness.
• Pinpoint specific calls like, "Information 411 or 555-1212", "Emergency 911", "900 calls" and more.
• Determine if you were just hit by Toll Fraud by identifying excessive International calls, calls to a particular International area code, if your company’s long distance calls exceeds more than $500, $1500, etc., and more.
• List your hourly inbound/outbound calls for each employee and/or entire department.
• Determine who made calls from your facility after hours / on holidays / on weekends.
• Control Telecom expense by budgeting / allocating phone expenses to individuals/departments.
• Increase Employee Productivity by identifying and reducing number of personal calls.
• Determine if your long distance phone bill is accurate and so on.

A sampling of standard Microcall reports include:

  • Departmental Summary Report
  • Tenant Detail Report (used in shared tenant scenarios)
  • Tenant Summary Report (used in shared tenant scenarios)
  • 411 / 555-1212 Information Report
  • 900 Calls Report
  • 911 Call Report
  • Account Code Detail Report
  • Account Code Summary Report
  • Account Exception Report
  • Area Code Sort Report
  • Add To Archive File
  • After Hours Calls Report
  • Call Type Summary Report
  • Calls Over $50
  • Calls Over 30 Minutes
  • Calls Over 45 Minutes
  • Calls To A Specific Phone Number
  • Custom Company Summary
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Employees With Fewer Than X Calls
  • Employees With More Than X Calls
  • Employees With Unusually High Durations
  • Extension Call Detail Report
  • Extension Call Frequency Report
  • Extension Call Summary Report
  • Extension Call Type Summary Report
  • Extension Inbound/Outbound
  • Extensions Over $100 Summary
  • Hourly Summary Report
  • Hourly Traffic Report
  • Hourly Inbound/Outbound Report
  • Incoming And Outgoing Summary Report
  • Incoming Call Report
  • Incoming, Local, Long Dist. Summary
  • International Call Report
  • Local Call Report
  • Long Distance Call Report
  • Longest Calls Report
  • Most Frequently Dialed Number Report
  • Most Expensive Calls Report
  • Tandem Calls
  • Trunk Area Code Summary Report
  • Trunk Call Type Summary
  • Trunk Group Summary Report
  • Unused Extensions Report
  • Unused Trunk Report
  • Unassigned Extensions Report
  • Unassigned Trunks Report

*Microcall includes a Report Generator where you can create an unlimited number of reports and save them for automatic report distribution.

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