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Remote maintenance has many cost saving advantages for customers. CTS can isolate and resolve possible issues before they impact your environment. This helps minimize downtime and keeps your business live and up and running. CTS remote support also lowers onsite service calls, saving you and your business both downtime and money.

CTS WholeNet Remote Support/Secure

CTS provides secure remote maintenance of telephone systems and software via landlines and the Internet. It is based on time-tested Mitel appliances and offers the potential for enormous cost savings. Costly local maintenance procedures can be drastically reduced in that both failure analysis and preventative measures are carried out remotely.

Secure Remote Maintenance  Reduces Expenses

The Internet is ideal as a central medium for remote maintenance, remote monitoring and tele-controlling. Firewall and VPN systems help ensure the Internet is safe to use. In the process, expensive dial-up connections are replaced with the more economical use of the Internet. In addition to offering a significantly higher level of security, IP-based remote monitoring connections provide considerably higher bandwidth as compared to conventional modem connections. A wide range of data, including video information, e.g. for distributed monitoring systems, can be transmitted via fast broadband Internet. Secure Remote Maintenance is a key component of this process. Service technicians must be able to reach all systems worldwide, in uncomplicated, cost-effective and most importantly, in secure manner.  Land line connections are still available but considerations are made for speed and accessibility.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for ¬†infrastructure, operating costs and administration effort Bandwidth gains for maintenance via DSL Internet access
  • Fewer expensive maintenance sessions locally, as most essential configurations and also complex patches are deployed remotely.
  • The secure and encrypted VPN/Internet connection offers more protection than several distributed, non-controllable modems.



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