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The right phones, the right phone service

Telecom solutions are not one size fits all. CTS consultants help you choose the right phones and the right phone service, based on a detailed audit and assessment of your current setup and your growing business needs.

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB) are our specialty. We understand your unique needs and work to find custom telecom solutions to fit your business and your budget. With the mobility, functionality and flexibility you need.

Choosing the phone system that’s right for you

Our telecom consultants ask and answer questions to find the best solutions

  • Is it better to rent or purchase your phones?
  • Do your phones support at-home workers? Can employees answer calls at home during snow storms, outages etc?
  • Does your system have the mobility you need? Does it work with mobile or fixed devices of your choice?
  • Can your phone system support multiple sites? With your current network?
  • How can you improve your phone service without increasing network cost or hiring staff?
  • Are you considering VoIP and Virtualization?

Mobility is key

You’re on the move, your business is on the move. We have the mobile tools and software solutions to take you where you need to go. We’ll show you new systems that work with any mobile or fixed device, over any network, with any carrier.

Calls to your business number can ring on a mobile phone, home phone, remote office, or on any device you choose. So you can stay connected to your business network, anywhere in the world.

Mobile solutions by Mitel

Today’s systems are fueled by innovative technologies and applications with mobility and advanced functionality. They also require a strong, sophisticated infrastructure to support them.

As a Mitel Exclusive Business Partner, CTS is uniquely qualified to design, implement and support these systems. From consulting to technical support, our telecom experts are with you every step of the way.

From Virtualization to VoIP

Voicemail is just the beginning. From virtualization to VoIP, today’s telecom options are vast, with greater mobility and functionality than ever before. CTS helps you choose the different components you need and weed out the ones you don’t.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) brings advanced Internet technology to business communications. You get the benefits of IP telephony but with a minimum of administrative overhead. With mobility and the ability to download applications, VoIP makes it easier to work anytime, anywhere. It’s no wonder VoIP is one of the most popular new telecom tools.

Isn’t virtualization just for data?

Not anymore. Voice virtualization is a revolutionary new breakthrough, bridging the gap between voice and data. Streamlining voice and data networks increases reliability and decreases overhead (not to mention IT headaches).

CTS is proud to be at the forefront as a Mitel Exclusive Business Partner. Call us today to learn how virtualization can save your company time and money.

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