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Mitel Business Dashboard

Mitel® Business Dashboard gives your customers the information they need to make decisions that will drive their business. Providing both real-time and historical reports on everything that is happening on their Mitel communications system, Business Dashboard enables your customers to:

  • optimize their use of both employees and system resources
  • measure customer responses to sales and marketing campaigns
  • monitor employee performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • identify opportunities for cost savings


Available exclusively on the Mitel Applications Suite, Business Dashboard helps customers to utilize their Mitel communications platform (MCD or 5000 CP) more effectively, and make real gains in customer service and employee productivity, while at the same time helping to control costs.

With Mitel Business Dashboard, customers can answer questions like:

  • How many people called your business yesterday?
  • Are any of your trunks being underutilized – is this an opportunity for cost savings?
  • Are your business hours appropriate for when customers are actually calling?
  • How quickly are calls being answered?


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