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WholeNet is our premiere plan, providing expert tech support, comprehensive maintenance, and top-priority service. Your complete network and telecom needs are covered by one simplified contract. We take care of hardware and software, data backup and remote maintenance—the whole nine yards.

Priority customer support

WholeNet clients receive VIP service and proactive customer support. Benefits include remote dial-in service, data backup, phone and solution support, and priority scheduling for Adds, Moves and Changes. WholeNet clients also go to the front of the queue for Emergency Service requests. During a system outage, CTS guarantees a tech support response within 4 hours.

Network and telecom consulting

Confused by all the options? WholeNet clients can take advantage of CTS consulting services to determine the best network and telecom plans for their businesses. Consultants analyze the client’s Internet and long distance plans and provide cost-saving strategies for streamlining communications.

With WholeNet you’ll get priority service and peace of mind. Click below to learn more.

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