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Managed Network Services

Why go with managed services?

  • Because you need backup.
  • Because you get more bandwidth.
  • Because you can’t afford downtime.

Leave your hosting, backup and network woes to us

Going with a managed services plan ensures high security and a host of benefits—and eases the burden on in-house IT. CTS consultants have plans that cover a range of network services, applications and equipment. Our experts handle security as well as remote monitoring and reporting. They monitor servers (physical and virtual), routers, firewalls and other applications —so you don’t have to.

CTS and its partners will handle your network needs and minimize your risk, expand your capabilities and cut your costs. We monitor your systems, servers and networks —to catch glitches before they trigger big expenditures. Through proactive backup, maintenance and monitoring, we work to achieve superior availability and reliability. Ensuring your business continuity is our top priority.

Hosting: hassle-free file and data backup

Why not let CTS handle your hosting headaches? We offer a range of hosting services to cover your backup needs and keep your company’s applications performing at peak levels Our data center partner provides a redundant, secure and reliable platform to deliver solid network applications. With collocation, hosting and managed network services, you know your files and data are secure around the clock.

Need email and web hosting as well? Call CTS to see how to save ib all your hosting needs

Collocation, virtualization

Why go with collocation? Because it’s the ultimate data hosting solution. Benefits include security, built-in backup, cost savings, and far greater bandwidth than would be possible for a company on its own. With virtualization you can take advantage of the latest technology to optimize your operations. By consolidating servers, companies are able to significantly cut costs.

Extreme backup: Disaster recovery and disaster management

A solid disaster recovery plan is paramount for both voice and data. Along with our extensive provisions for network and server backup, we make sure your phones are covered no matter what. With automated attendant voicemail disaster recovery, your customers will never be left hanging.

Put the burden on us

Managed Services means letting someone else handle your network, hosting and backup needs. It means improved safety, security, operations and cost savings. It means leaving your IT headaches to us, so you can deal with your day-to-day business.

For details on specific managed services, click below:

  • Collocation
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster recovery
  • Automated attendant voicemail disaster recovery
  • Private suites
  • Physical + virtual server management
  • Network security
  • IP vaulting
  • Remote network monitoring + reporting
  • Hosting + web hosting

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