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Let CTS assess your Internet and network needs

With advances in technology and the convergence of voice, data and Internet communications, there have never been so many carrier options. Confused? Give us a call. Our experts will audit your invoices and assess your voice and data needs for free. Then they’ll recommend solutions to integrate and streamline your services, boost your productivity and save you money.

How much speed do you need?

There’s a lot of talk about high speed Internet, but do you know how much speed you really need? There’s broadband Internet, wireless Internet, T1 Internet. Do you know which is best for your business? Do you know your current Internet speed? Are you paying for more speed than you need?

What about bandwidth? Video, VoIP and countless other applications take bandwidth. Are you guessing at how much bandwidth and speed they all need?

Do you have the firewall protection you need?

Looking for top firewall technology at an affordable price? CTS will determine the best plan and products to protect your network and effectively filter your Internet. We provide custom solutions that include advanced firewall protection and security for a range of applications. Keep firewall solutions at the forefront of planning.

MPLS and multi-service networks?

Multiservice networks handle voice, data and video—all streamlined on a single network. This opens up more and more possibilities for new applications and collaboration. VPN is a popular means of connecting remote users with their company network. IP telephony like VoIP is all the buzz. MPLS is prized for its flexibility and its ability to work through a router at high speed. But what is right for your particular business? Call CTS to help you navigate through the choices.

Let CTS do the math.

Our experts audit your existing services, crunch the numbers, and then recommend the optimal carrier solutions to streamline systems and save you money. We’ll set you up with the best-fitting Internet plans with the firewall protection, speed and features you need.

Don’t overpay.

Did you know that a majority of businesses overpay their monthly phone and Internet bills by more than 25%? They pay multiple vendors for duplicate services; they may even pay for speed and services they don’t receive.

Call CTS today for a free detailed audit of your fixed and mobile telecommunications. We’ll analyze your current Internet and phone bills and itemize the individual services you receive, breaking down the per-minute, per-service costs.

Mobile and fixed phone lines, broadband and Internet services are all included. We often get significant refunds for our clients—plus adjustments that reduce ongoing expenditures.

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