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Internet & Hosted Services for Business

XO® Hosting & Hosted IT Services help growing businesses create, support and manage an Internet presence – from simple Web sites to complex managed server environments with hosted corporate applications. These solutions use the XO patented Clustered Technology architecture to deliver greater reliability, speed and performance than competing platforms. With XO Clustered Technology, XO can cluster more than just servers, offering virtually inexhaustible resources with multiple tiers of security that include intelligent routing, redundant switching fabric, built-in firewall, and proxy technology.


Your business needs…

Managed Backup

Automating of the process of backing up, protecting, restoring and recovering mission-critical data to more easily safeguard valuable data. This online, disk-to-disk backup solution provides 24×7 data protection without the need for additional investment in network infrastructure, or the inconvenience and expense associated with traditional backup methods. Migrate from cumbersome, error-prone tape-based backup to fast, secure data transfers, and 24/7 available data recovery.

Hosted Exchange

Enhanced productivity with business Email, shared calendaring & business collaboration tools. Email is mission-critical but the cost of maintaining a secure, reliable, Email system keeps going up. XO hosted Email services offer the same features as the leading enterprise software products.

Perimeter Email Protection

A complete Email protection service for businesses hosting their own on-premise Email servers. The service includes tools to filter and authenticate incoming Email before it reaches your Email infrastructure. By stopping attacks at the perimeter, PEP can reduce Email load, and spam by 90% or more, secure your on-premise Email infrastructure & stop threats before they reach your network.

Corporate Domain Management

This hosted solution makes managing multiple domains easy, reliable and secure. Manage all of your domains from one control panel and configure all aspects of your DNS server service in near real-time.

Business Messenger

A SSL-encrypted, businessclass instant messaging services. Communicate more efficiently using real-time business messaging without the security risks of a public chat service, using the XO client or one of several XMPP compatible chat clients.


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