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Prospective Client is expanding in to a new facility for the next five years and will almost triple its footprint. The primary telephone and communications challenges to be addressed with the move include: expanding the number of calls the phone system can handle, eliminate down time during the move, provide phone number continuity 617 6XX XXXX at the new office in Boston, expand the number of phones to 65 with upside growth to 100+, expand the voicemail capacity to be able to handle 8 simultaneous calls, keep the phones simple and intuitive, consider VoIP technology to eliminate 72 redundant voice cables and provide seamless communications for traveling executives.

The existing phone system at Prospective Client is not equipped to meet these challenges. We recommend installing a Mitel HX 5000 VoIP system with SIP trunks and voicemail. Mitel HX 5000 is a VoIP system (Voice over Internet Protocol) and will allow Prospective Client to expand up to 250 extensions. The system will provide 8 Automated Attendant ports and SIP trunking (Session Initiated Protocol) which will allow Prospective Client to keep their founding phone number 617 6XX XXXX. The installation of the new system in Boston will happen in parallel to the existing operation, this will eliminate down time and after hours labor. Testing of the new lines and Internet can also happen in advance of the move, further streamlining the process and eliminating potential problems. Ease of use and phone administration is assured because the Mitel HX system will be able to emulate all of the existing telephone system features. New applications like Dynamic Extension (calls ringing your office and cell phone simultaneously) and Unified Messaging (office voice mails accessible from Outlook) will allow traveling employee’s easy access and to stay connected.  Prospective Client has the opportunity to focus Mitel VoIP technology on the cabling infrastructure to effectively eliminate 72 redundant voice cables and over $10,000.00 dollars of cabling cost.

Corporate Telephone Services recommends replacing your phone system in conjunction with the expansion and move to the new facility. We believe it will be less disruptive in the long run, provide greater flexibility, productivity and functionality. Thank you for considering Corporate Telephone Services “we make your phones ring”.


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