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Corporate Telephone Services, Inc. proudly partners with Microcall

Why Microcall?         


There is nothing more comforting than dealing with the experts and Micro-Tel is the only company in the industry that has 30 years of experience! Micro-Tel did not gain its experience from acquiring like companies and adding up the years in business. Micro-Tel, founded in 1979, was the first company to develop and introduce PC-based call accounting systems. For three decades, Micro-Tel has been developing state-of-the-art Microcall solutions as well as supporting our 90,000+ Microcall customers (including 85% of the Fortune 500 companies). We share our high level of knowledge and expertise with all Microcall customers starting with the Microcall implementation and thereafter.


Corporate environments and priorities can change quickly. To answer your changing needs, Microcall is comprehensive software that includes all robust features (call accounting, instant toll fraud, equipment inventory, telephone directory, report generator for unlimited reporting and much more). All Microcall features are ready for you to implement the instant your organizational needs change. Microcall’s all-inclusive features eliminate the need for your company to purchase additional modules.


Microcall is scalable call accounting software that evolves as your organization grows. Many customers start using Microcall at a handful of locations and upgrade to the Microcall Enterprise solution for use in hundreds of sites. Single site Microcall systems can easily be upgraded to Microcall Enterprise and, new locations can be easily added without a complete system overhaul. Your investment in Microcall today, is protected in the future.Features Uses Technical Call Accounting

  • Toll Fraud Detection
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Automated Operation
  • Browser Reports
  • Archiving / Historical
  • Active Directory / Imports
  • Web-Based Telephone Directory
  • Database Plus
  • SmartSplit
  • Remote Network AdministrationReduce Expenses
  • Employee Productivity
  • Traffic / Trunk Analysis
  • Cost Allocation
  • Phone System Efficiency
  • Toll Fraud Notification
  • Emergency 911 Alerts
  • Managerial Reports
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing / Advertising EffectivenessPhone System Interface / Collection Methods
  • System Capacity
  • Microsoft SQL Backend
  • Report List

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