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Corporations are always looking for ways to reduce expenses. Thousands of companies use Microcall’s numerous features to help trim costs and save money! Here are just a few examples…

Pinpoint Unused Trunks and Extensions to eliminate unnecessary monthly charges.

Unused Extensions often reflect employees that have moved from one department to another, or individuals that are no longer employed. Instead of purchasing additional phones/phone cards when adding new employees, use Microcall to identify any ‘unused’ extensions. These unused extensions can be reassigned to new employees, helping to reduce needless spending. In addition, unnecessary monthly trunk costs can be eliminated by having Microcall pinpoint ‘unused’ trunks, and doing away with the costly fees for trunks that are not even being used.

Identify your “Most Expensive” calls and employees making them.

Microcall automatically emails a list of your company’s ‘Most Expensive Calls’, which can be used to discourage employees responsible for making them.

Make sure your long distance phone billing is accurate.

Compare Microcall’s phone billing reports with your carrier’s long distance phone bill to check for inaccuracies, over billing, etc.

Allocate phone expenses to individuals/departments.

Managers who have to pay out of their departmental budget for their portion of the monthly phone bill are more likely to analyze their employees’ calls. Microcall automatically distributes employee usage/expense reports to managers for review.

Curb use of expensive services such as "Information 411 or 555-1212", “900 calls", etc.

Call services such as these can cost several dollars per minute and may go unnoticed. When multiple employees dial ‘411’ information or ‘900’ numbers repeatedly, your expenses add up. Microcall identifies employees using these services excessively and helps to reduce their frequency.

Budget / Negotiate Long Distance Contracts.

Comparing corporate phone usage / expense on a monthly basis for the past year, 2 years, 3 years, etc., can assist with budgeting and negotiating long distance contracts.

Determine if long distance calls are routed properly over least expensive trunks.

Long distance calls going out over local CO lines can be costly and might be the result of a routing problem.

Find out how busy your trunks / circuits are for each hour of the day.

Customers calling into your business and receiving a ‘busy’ signal can equal loss revenue. Microcall tracks your trunk / circuit usage helping to identify ‘busy’ and ‘slow’ hours for each day.

Keep track of equipment and/or bill departments for equipment costs.

Use Microcall to inventory equipment and/or to bill departments for their use of equipment, helping to recoup costly fixed charges an organization pays.

See the number of calls routed from your phone system to your other offices.

Microcall measures the volume of phone traffic between offices, the frequency of high volume patterns as well as long distance expenses associated with these calls. Armed with these results, you can compare your current expenses with those expenses associated with implementing dedicated lines or a VoIP solution.

Determine the ‘Most Frequently Dialed’ numbers and the employees making them.

Frequent calls to radio station contests, horoscope lines, dialup ISP’s and employee’s homes, etc., can consume a majority of the work day. Use Microcall to help encourage a limit on personal calls to improve productivity.

Identify the number of “cold calls” made by your sales representatives.

Most call centers and sales groups require their employees to make a certain number of cold calls a day. Microcall measures each employee’s number of calls, length of time on the phone, phone numbers dialed, etc. This information can be used to manage the employees more effectively. Microcall gives you objective information that can be used in incentive programs and employee evaluations.

Improve Sales / Marketing / Customer Service / Call Centers Areas

Microcall provides endless reports that identify the total number of incoming and outgoing calls for each employee, the time spent with each client, excessively long calls, and much more. These reports are an invaluable tool to help evaluate the effectiveness of your employees in the Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Call Center areas of your business.

What are the busiest hours of the day for my department?

Microcall determines busy / slow phone usage hours for each department which can help with scheduling and staffing.
The above are just a few ways that call accounting software and Microcall can help your organization to reduce expenses. Call today or click here to sign up for demo!

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