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Inter-Tel Axxess® is a highly flexible, scalable and integrated infrastructure, delivering a feature-rich solution that is migration-friendly and Internet-ready. Our converged system combines analog, digital, wireless and IP into a single platform – giving your customers the choice of deploying traditional, IP telephony or a combination of both when and where it is right for their organization. Whether an enterprise needs to connect several phones in an office, hundreds of phones in a building or on a campus, remote and telecommuting associates, or even geographically dispersed offices, Inter-Tel unifies communications into an enterprise that interoperates harmoniously.

Business Productivity

  • Provides an enterprise with flexibility to choose where and when to deploy the right technology for each user
  • Protects an investment as technology evolves and an organization’s needs change
  • Increases employee productivity and customer service levels
  • Brings employees closer together for a simpler, more collaborative environment


There is no better way to implement the power of Inter-Tel’s business performance applications than to complement our software with highly reliable endpoint solutions. Inter-Tel can help cultivate your customer’s dynamic landscape with feature-rich wired and wireless IP-based, digital and software-based endpoints.


  • Inter-Tel Axxess Converged Communications Brochure
  • Inter-Tel Business Applications Brochure


  • Axxess Release v11.0 – Now Shipping and Available to Order for Upgrading Installed Systems
  • Inter-Tel CT Applications & Configuration Overview
  • Communications Disaster Recovery Options

Feature by Release

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  • Communications Disaster Recovery Options White Paper
  • Business Communication’s Platform White Paper

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