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Telecom applications for the 21st century: from call center software to Unified Communications

Collaborate without packing your bags

Conferencing technology boosts productivity, cuts downtime and eliminates the need for expensive meetings and travel. The latest audio and video conferencing applications are more reliable, more sophisticated and easier to use than ever before.

Conference call vs. taxi? Go green!

How much would you save on expenses and downtime by skipping the travel? Whether across town or across the country, it all adds up. Give CTS a call. We’ll survey your conference call patterns, do the sums, and recommend and deliver the best conferencing solutions, tailored to fit your telecom needs.

Audio and video conferencing: conference call technology for the 21st century

Conference call technology has come a long way. Audio conferencing plans with personal dial-in numbers and security passwords enable you to call 24/7, at a moment’s notice. Internet phone technology brings advanced capability and crystal clear connections. Let CTS choose the right conference call solution for you.

Video conferencing brings the world to your desktop. Whether your colleagues and clients are across the street or overseas, you’ll feel like you’re all in the same room. Video conferencing applications are highly interactive, allowing you to share presentations, demonstrate, collaborate, and even brainstorm using whiteboard technology.

With 21st century conferencing, there’s never been a more compelling reason to stay at your desk!

Call center technologies

Businesses today have a wide choice of call center solutions, both on-site and hosted. Call centers can handle huge volumes of phone calls, and most telecom companies have kept right up with the technology they need.

Confused about call center hardware and software? CTS consultants can advise on the best call center solution for your business. We know that small and medium size businesses (SMBs) want solutions that are simple, scalable and cost-effective. We can recommend the right call center software for your business, as well as cost-saving ideas like conference bridge installation.

First impressions matter: Call center quality is key

When it comes to your call center, quality is key. Invest in the right call center applications to ensure reliability and the most professional image for your company.

Unified Communications (UC) and Unified Messaging (UM)

Dizzy from too many devices? Is it getting impossible to manage all your messages? Unified Communications simplifies and integrates all your forms of communication. It streamlines your message flow and lets you send messages on one medium and receive them on another. It integrates real-time communication services (e.g., instant messaging, IP telephony, and video conferencing) with non real-time communication services such as Unified Messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).

Unified Messaging (UM) is hands-down one of the most useful tools an office can install. You can store all types of messages in one place, and retrieve them from any type of device. Call CTS today to see how Unified Communications and Unified Messaging can help you simplify, streamline and save.

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